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Privacy policy

Privacy policy


Source Properties is a company registered in Dubai with a registered address at Office no: 1509, Churchill Executive Tower Business Bay, Dubai, U.A.E. where it owns and operates the website http://www.source-property.net (“Website”).


Source Properties and its associates (the terms “we", "our", "us") throughout this Policy, means SP and its employees, agents, affiliates, third parties or partnered companies.


This Privacy Policy serves as a terms and conditions of using the website, and by using our website you give consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your information. We as the registered company have the right to make changes of the policy at any time without prior notice and such changes will be effective from the date when we publish it on the website.

Please note that if you do not agree to our policy, then you must immediately cease using the website or provide such information to Source Properties and its affiliates.


We take your privacy seriously and we commit to our users, visitors and subscribers that we will protect their information and data.

This policy describes:

  1. Information
  2. Information that we collect and use
  3. Disclosure of personal Information
  4. Security
  5. Storage of personal information
  6. Your right to access and correct your personal information
  7. Use of cookies
  8. Use of third party analytics and tracking pixels
  9. Web server and Application Logs
  10. Third party advertisers
  11. Interest based advertising (IBA)
  12. Links and connections to and use of other third party services
  13. Privacy of minors
  14. Business Transfer

1.1. There are different types of information that can be collected which may be personal or may be general:

  • Personal Information:  

We can collect your personal information in circumstances where you contact us or write in your details by email/forms/documents/phone numbers, request support, purchase or rent properties, give your requests or feedbacks, report bugs or problems. Please note that such information will be stored internally which may include your name, number, address or email address, purchase/transaction details, billing information (including debit/credit card information), interest, job titles, etc.. (which comes as your personal information).


  • General Information:

We can collect general information from you whenever you visit the website by showing information such as the IP address, the date and time of visit, length of how much time was spent during the visit, browsing history, the internet address of the site from which you linked directly to our website etc.. (which comes as a general information) . General information usually does not show us your personal information.

  • Information we gather from others

We can collect such information about you from other sources such as a partnered company, third party (like our business partners, the service providers, advertising companies, analytic providers and search information providers.


2.1. By using our website, you don’t need to provide us information but at certain times we might have some services that may require collecting and using information from you. This may include services such as Google ads, social media services etc..

2.2. By providing your personal and general information, it helps us by:

  • Giving you our services which you have requested from us;
  • Giving our users/new customers/clients a better service by keeping records, improve our products/services as well as the website;
  • Contacting you about the order/purchases or anything related to the website;
  • Gathering information for our market research purposes (such as user’s interest, market or economic trends etc..);
  • Giving you information about new investment opportunities, promotions/offers, and other information as such that may be relevant to you;
  • Gathering your information so that we can improve our website, services etc..;
  • Understanding how effective our advertisements are and to deliver such advertisements to you and other users/clients that are interested in our products/services;
  • Providing suggestions/ recommendations to you and other users about our products/services that may give you or them interest;
  • Identifying the problems/bugs through our website
  • Tracking your activity on our website
  • Preparing reports
  • Looking into the user’s experience in our website



3.1. We may share your information within SP and its employees, agents, affiliates, third parties or partnered companies.

3.2. We require all SP and its employees, agents, affiliates, third parties or partnered companies to respect your information and treat it in accordance of the law.

3.3. We will not allow any of all SP and its employees, agents, affiliates, third parties or partnered companies to use your information for their own purposes.


4.1. By storing your personal information, it will be secured and prevents unauthorized access which is an importance for us.

4.2. We will take all necessary procedures to protect your personal information from any unauthorized access, improper use and disclosure, unauthorized destruction or accidental loss.

4.3 We are responsible for keeping your information protected and keep it confidential.

4.4. If you have any concerns regarding your information or suspicious, please contact us immediately so that we can take the necessary procedures.


5.1. Just like other websites, our website uses cookies which may help us in identifying your computer, tracking your behavior and identifying specific areas of interest.

5.2. We use cookies to provide our third parties (such as Facebook/Instagram or Google analytics) to target your interests.

5.3. Usually the browsers we use accepts cookies automatically, and might have to ask for your permission to enable cookies in a specific website but if you disable the cookies then some certain functions and features won’t work as intended on the services.


6.1. We use third party (such as Facebook or Google Ads) to provide advertisements on our behalf.

6.2. Such third parties may place cookies on your browsers to serve ads to users based on their information gathered from the cookie.



7.1. If you have any inquiries, concerns or issues regarding our privacy policy please contact s at enquiry@source-property.net



Source Properties Real Estate consultants are RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) registered.

ORN 342